Agilia Infusion System Implementation Process

  • This webpage outlines the key steps and actions you will be taking to train your staff and plan and execute your Go-Live. For more detailed information, download the full Training Presentation.
  • Our implementation process is designed to help your team plan for, train for and implement the Agilia Infusion System in a manner that is safe, efficient and stress-free for both nurses and patients and others on the facility team.
  • We strive to provide flexibility for you and your clinicians through our virtual training program, while providing the support and guidance of the Fresenius Kabi clinical team every step of the way.
  • Our Clinical Team is committed to support your team as you plan and execute Go-Live. We are confident in your success.

Key Steps and Major Milestones

The Agilia Infusion System Implementation unfolds in four phases. Click on each phase to learn more.

  • Drug Library Creation
  • Data Set Sign-off
Education Planning and Training
  • Super Users Training Completed
  • Staff Training Completed
  • All pumps successfully swapped and functioning smoothly
  • Key questions addressed
  • Key documents exchanged
  • Hospital Sign-off
Post Implementation Support
  • Agree on follow up
  • Assessment survey completed
Time from Kick-Off to Go-Live Approx. 6-8 weeks

Critical Roles During Implementation

Click on a role to explore implementation tasks.

  • Acts as executive sponsor. Can also be Project Lead

Executive Sponsor: Ensures allocation of resources, people and time

Project Leader:

  • Schedules coordinates meetings with Fresenius Kabi Clinical Team
  • Key liaison/point person between facility and Fresenius Kabi
  • Manages timelines, allocates resources
  • Conducts Implementation Review
  • Leads the Drug Library creation work
  • Advises re: IV medication administration
  • Leads development of drug parameters data set
  • Validates data entry
  • Organizes Vigilant Drug’Lib software user testing/end-user verification
  • Sign-off on final Data Set approval
  • In the absence of Biomed, pharmacy may upload the data set to Agilia pumps prior to Super User training.
  • Collaborate with nursing to define IV practice needs for the facility and matches them with the Agilia Large Volume Pump
  • Details IV practice needs for the facility and matches them with the Agilia Large Volume Pump
  • Acts as consultant on pump configuration
  • Performs end-user verification of drug library
  • Schedules and coordinates clinical training
  • Identifies Super User participants
  • Supports ‘hands-on’ training completion
  • During Go-Live: Coordinates pump and tubing change
  • Supplements training as needed and trains staff nurses on Agilia Pump in the future.
  • Super Users support the education process and act as the in-house resource to the staff nursing team
  • Super Users are first to be trained. They support staff nurses during their training and throughout Go-Live
  • Post Implementation: Nurse Super Users act as Trainer, who ensure that new staff receive appropriate training before using the Agilia Infusion System Large Volume Pump
  • Participate in all training
  • Participate in Go-Live planning as needed
  • Execute Go-Live and report any issues that need immediate or future attention
  • Agilia Infusion System Large Volume Pump Training lead for new staff members
  • Support the upload of the Drug’Lib Software
  • Plans disposable logistics, including evaluation of inventory levels and stocking requirements
  • Supports Go-Live planning and execution.
  • Order new tubing at least 2 weeks prior to Super User training.
  • Order new tubing 2 weeks prior to Super User training
  • Coordinates training on Data Set upload procedure with the Fresenius Kabi Technical Service team
  • Records inventory
  • Assists with staging of pumps
  • Coordinates with Fresenius Kabi Technical Service Team on support needs

Critical Hospital Team Roles at Each Implementation Step

Click on a phase to see what team members are needed at each step.

Welcome Email Kick-off Meeting
  • The Kick-off Meeting is an orientation to the entire process. Key roles and responsibilities and a preliminary timetable conversations initiated.
  • Key hospital participants: CNO, Pharmacy, Nurse Educator, Materials Mgmt. and IT
  • CNO
  • Pharmacist
  • Nurse Educator(s)
  • IT
  • Material Management
Drug Library Creation
  • The Drug Library Creation step is crucial to successful implementation. The hospital Drug Library will be created. Drug’Lib Software will be uploaded and programmed into the pumps.
  • Fresenius Kabi Pharmacist leads this step
  • Key Hospital Participants: Pharmacist or designated Pharma Nurse build the Drug Library
  • Configuration and Data Set Reviews: CNO, Pharmacy and a Super User or Staff nurse from each clinical area
  • CNO
  • Pharmacist
  • Super Users
Plan for Training
  • The Plan for Training meeting establishes critical roles in the training process, finalizes the training and Go-Live timetable and confirms key materials and supplies needed to complete the training
  • Fresenius Kabi Nurse Liaisons lead this call
  • Key hospital participants: CNO, Nurse Educator(s), Super-Users and Pharmacy
  • CNO
  • Pharmacist
  • Nurse Educator(s)
  • Super Users
Super User Staff Nurse Training

During Training both Super Users and Staff Nurses complete a 3-step training process:

  • HealthStream eLearning video training
  • Task List hands-on practice on the Agilia Large Volume pump
  • Training follow up teleconference with Super Users to address any questions that arise before Go-Live
  • Nurse Educator(s)
  • Super Users
  • Staff Nurses
  • During the Go-Live step, the pump swap schedule is established and executed
  • Fresenius Kabi Clinical team provides ‘on-call’ support throughout
  • Key Hospital Participants: CNO, BioMed, Materials Mgmt., Super User and Staff Nurses
  • CNO
  • Super Users
  • Staff Nurses
  • Material Management
  • BioMed
Post Implementation
  • In the Post Implementation meeting, Fresenius Kabi Nurse Liaison confirms all pumps are operating without incident in each clinical area and capture issues during the first 24 hours post Go-Live
  • FK Nurse Liaison: Leads Post-Implementation meeting to report results and resolve issues
  • Key Hospital Participants: CNO, Pharmacist, Nurse Educator and Super Users
  • CNO
  • Pharmacist
  • Nurse Educator(s)
  • Super Users
Post Implementation Support

First day Post Implementation Fresenius Kabi sends the CNO an email that:

  • Recaps accomplishments
  • Follow up contact information and contact intervals
  • An Assessment Survey is sent to all nurses
  • CNO

Example Implementation Timeline


This illustration shows a typical Agilia Infusion System implementation timetable at a high level. We find that most facilities complete their Agilia implementations in 4 – 8 weeks. Time varies based on the number of pumps being installed, number of nurses being trained and the scope and complexity of the Drug Library.

  • Planning is the longest phase. It includes the development and validation of your Drug Library. Getting this right, up front, is essential to a safe and efficient implementation.
  • Education: Training phase is typically executed comfortably over a 1 – 2-week window in most facilities.
  • Go-Live can be accomplished in as little as one to two days. Our experience shows that it is best to have no gap between staff training completion and Go-Live.

Our Clinical team will work with your team to set a timetable that is tailored to your needs and will work for your facility.