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Achieve compliance to your drug library

Activate your existing protocols to help administer IV drugs safely and confidently

Vigilant Drug’Lib® is part of a Dose Error Reduction System.

Vigilant Drug’Lib is a straightforward, flexible dose error reduction software platform for Agilia pump infusions.

Designed for institutions large and small and supported by our expert implementation, training, and services teams, Vigilant Drug’Lib’s robust functionality and expansive configurability can help your care units confidently comply with the clinical practices defined by your physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

You can trust our expertise

Fresenius Kabi provides an expert clinical implementation team of pharmacy and nursing advisors who will facilitate a smooth implementation of the Agilia Infusion System at your facility. From Pharmacy Advisors that can help support every step of the drug library build to Nursing Advisors who assist with a clinical assessment, online education modules, and hands on learning – Fresenius Kabi works with you to ensure a seamless transition and overall positive experience. We can offer additional implementation services.

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Robust functionality

Weight-based dosing

Confirms calculations at the bedside, which can help decrease the number of errors made by manual calculations.

Focus-friendly keypad

The arrow keypad entry puts the user’s’ focus on the input field when entering a value, so errors from key bounce and order of magnitude entries are more likely to be avoided.

Set limits for dose/flow rates

Program dose/flow rate values with soft and hard limits, as defined in your drug protocol per care area. The clinician will be notified at the time of infusion set-up or titration if the value is above or below a preset soft limit. Hard limits are maximum rates that cannot be exceeded. Soft and Hard limits help protect against medication errors.

Software specification

  • Weight-based dosing
  • Clinical Advisories
  • Loading dose
  • Bolus dose
  • Drug X – for non-formulary and new drugs
  • 33 different dose units to meet your medication delivery needs
  • Hard and soft limits

Put patient safety first

Built-in patient safety features help reduce risk within large and small institutions alike

Agilia Infusion System Large Volume Pump with Vigilant Drug’Lib® Software has the flexible functionality to meet the day-to-day needs of multiple care areas within large and small hospital environments.

Features and Benefits for Pharmacists

Care area settings

  • Ability to customize settings such as air-in-line alarms, alarm volume and pressure settings for different clinical applications (Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical)

Loading dose

  • Ability to customize settings such as amount, rate and duration of Loading dose

Bolus dosing

  • Ability to customize settings such as amount, rate and duration of bolus

Default dose

  • Ability to establish an initial starting dose depending on clinical application (Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical)

Default flow rates

  • Ability to establish an initial starting flow rate depending on clinical application (Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical)

Drug concentrations

  • Ability to establish standardized concentrations and minimum/maximum dose limits depending on clinical application (Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical)
  • Helps minimize risk of IV medication errors
  • Helps support nurses’ work flow and guides best practices at the bedside
  • Helps maximize compliance to drug library
  • Drug Library may contain up to 3,800 medications in 19 care areas, up to 200 drugs/care area
  • Ability to establish standardized protocols depending on clinical application (Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical) that meet hospitals’ best practices