Infusion System

The common sense choice in smart infusion pumps and IV Solutions

Administer IV drugs safely and confidently

Reliable, intuitive and easy to use.

Designed to empower nurses and pharmacists with its simplicity, Agilia Infusion System is the commonsense choice in smart infusion systems that helps you put patient safety first. In one comprehensive package, Agilia Infusion System offers a friendly, lightweight pump packed with the functionality that can adapt to the way you work and grow. Fresenius Kabi offers dedicated support to get you up and keep you running.

You can trust our expertise

Fresenius Kabi provides an expert clinical implementation team of pharmacy and nursing advisors who will facilitate a smooth implementation of the Agilia Infusion System at your facility. From Pharmacy Advisors that can help support every step of the drug library build to Nursing Advisors who assist with a clinical assessment, online education modules, and hands on learning – Fresenius Kabi works with you to ensure a seamless transition and overall positive experience. We can offer additional implementation services.

Customer Testimonials

Intuitive and user-friendly

Clinician-friendly interface

Agilia Infusion System Large Volume Pump packs all essentials into a small, lightweight, portable device with a clinician-friendly interface and infusion sets that adapt to your workflow.

Features and Benefits for Nurses

Improves compliance to hospital’s best practices and may help to minimize risk

Dose Error Reduction System (DERS)

  • Helps to reduce IV medication errors
  • Helps to prevent unauthorized dosing

Default to DERS on start-up

  • Maximizes compliance to the drug library

Focus-friendly keypad

  • Increases efficiency of programming the pump

Back flow pumping at occlusion release

  • Helps to reduce bolus volume after occlusion clears
  • Enhances patient safety by minimizing a potential overdose


  • IV set based free flow protection

Occlusivity Check System (OCS)

  • Helps to protect patient from unintentional free flow at start-up

Flow Stop Cap

  • When priming the set, the fluid stops when it reaches the blue cap
  • No need to prime fluid into a trash can
  • Makes it easier to prime

Detachable electrical plug from back of pump

  • Helps avoid potential tripping hazard
  • Easy to transport

Lightweight – 4.4lbs (2kg)

  • Compact and easy to handle

Stackable design

  • Up to 3 pumps may be attached to IV pole

Infusion rate range from 0.1 mL to 1,500 mL/h

  • Flexible to meet variety of clinical needs from pediatrics to critical care areas

Swiveling pole clamp

  • Easily attaches to IV pole or bed rail to make it easy to transport between care areas or hospitals
  • May also be used flat on a tabletop

Care area settings

  • Ability to customize settings such as air-in-line alarms, alarm volume and pressure settings to different clinical applications (Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical)

Rugged ABS shell

  • Durable if dropped

Low hardware failure rate

  • Failure rate less than 0.2 per pump over 10 years

Predictable battery operating time

  • 8 hour minimum at rates lower than 125 mL/h
  • Replacement cycle every 3 years